Custom & Heirloom

Custom Pieces

You want it? You got it. I can make just about any custom piece you can think up. From doors and crown molding, to Little Free Libraries. If you can dream it, I can build it.

Have an idea? Let’s talk.



Heirloom Pieces

Heirloom pieces are a very special service we offer that allow family members, friends and loved ones to create memorable pendants, bowls, vases, urns, plates and many other creations they can hold near and dear for generations to come.

If you find yourself with a unique piece of wood and want to dream a little about what you can do with it, give me a call and we’ll find the perfect idea together.

Ways to Acquire Cool Wood:

  • Grandma’s favorite tree loses a limb
  • A pirate shipwreck has occurred and you salvage wood washed up on shore
  • A fallen branch from your childhood home
  • A special tree loses a branch in a storm
  • A beautiful piece of wood is discovered on a meaningful walk with a friend
  • Old barn beams from your first home
  • A tree had to come down and you salvage some wood