Custom Wood Carvings.

Be the Best Gift Giver Ever.

Forget-Me-Not Heirlooms.

The Pirate Promise

(it’s better than it sounds)


If you’re going to be looking at me wood, there’s a few things we need to get straight, matey. Everything I do is made with me own bare hands. Every idea you see has been inspired by other great pirates. Every piece of wood I turn, has been hand selected for a reason.  Now enjoy your time or walk the plank.



Captain Davey Jones

What I Do


Chisel Me Timbers, that’s a lot of wood!

Wood is a living and breathing medium. Wood moves with the seasons, it shrinks, it swells, it warps and cracks. There are proper ways to care for your wood pieces that will make them last for a very, very long time. Wood brings a warmth to all that stop to admire it.